Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a big task to make a decision on what you want to study! Here are some questions and answers we get asked about our course.

Hopefully, they will help you make a better decision about your future.

Can I really bypass doing ATAR subjects and still go to University? 

Yes! Most Australian Universities will accept a Certificate IV + English competency (English STAT test or C grade in ATAR English) for entrance into their courses. Of course, each university is different and has different requirements – so you should have a look at their website and investigate if they will accept your application with a Cert IV. 

Can I do ATAR and a Cert IV qualification?

You can… however you will want to be really motivated do this. Cert IV’s are the equivalent of an ATAR subject when it comes to workload, so you need to make sure that your study schedule will allow you to be successful. 

What resources do I need to complete this course?

All of your resources, workbooks, videos, podcasts, and content is given to you online, so having a laptop or tablet as well as access to the internet is necessary. All of your assessments are also submitted online, so you will need to be comfortable with using documents and navigating the internet. 

When do I need to pay for the course? 

When you enrol, you’ll be asked to pay a $500 deposit to lock in your place on the course. The remainder of your fees will be due within the first few weeks of you starting the course. If you have trouble paying the deposit or fees, you should contact your VET coordinator prior to enrolment. 

Where do I go to attend the course? 

We deliver at multiple sites around Western Australia. Our main Hub is found at Level 1, 100 Stirling Street, Perth. We also offer courses at Mandurah and Bunbury.

What if I’m too far away from your location?

Talk to your VET Coordinator and ask them to contact us. We have other options available that could work for your school. HSH works with schools to deliver the program on their campus, or you could do the online program.

What’s the enrolment process?

Once HSH has received your application details from your VET coordinator, we will send you a link via email if you have been successful. Use that link to do our online enrolment. Please remember you will be required to pay the $500 deposit shortly after enrolment. 

What happens if I change my mind after enrolment?

HSH has a refund policy that is available on our Student Zone page. Click here to locate it. 

What can I do after I complete my certificate? 

Our Cert III programs have job outcomes. This means that you’ll be qualified to apply for certain jobs that require this certificate.

Our Cert IV qualifications are education pathways, meaning that they won’t necessarily get you entry into an employment opportunity, however, they will allow you to gain entry into higher education. This could be further VET qualifications (like Certificates or Diplomas) or University degrees. 

What is the benefit of doing a dual qualification?

Our dual qualifications provide you with a job outcome AND an education pathway. So you get the best of both worlds!

Do I have to do a work placement for my qualification? 

We don’t have any work placement requirements for our courses. Due to COVID, finding a placement has been difficult for a lot of students in this industry. Instead, we offer lots of incursions and excursions. This allows us to experience the various parts of the industry and learn from experts from the comfort of our classrooms. 

What do you have at the HSH? 

At the HSH in Perth, we have a brand new set-up that will be sure to impress you! Check out our location pictures here

Which schools do you work with? 

If your school logo isn’t here – get in touch with us to find out how to join us!