Future Student

What do you need to do now?

Congratulations! We are excited to have you as a
HSH student!

Click on each of the steps below to read about the tasks you need to complete.

Step One: Student Info Document

Before you enrol, you need to read through the following document. Click here to view. This document holds all the information about Health Science Hub including requirements, fees, and responsibilities.

Step Two: Location Details

Your offer email will show you the location that you have been offered. Make sure you figure out how you’re going to get to and from class each week. Always have a backup plan (eg: what if you miss your bus?!)

Health Science Hub Perth Campus – Level 1, 100 Stirling Street, Perth WA.
Easily accessible via trains, buses, and CAT bus.

Murdoch University Perth Campus – South St, Murdoch WA.
Easily accessible via the Murdoch Train Station followed by a bus straight to campus!

Murdoch University Mandurah Campus – Education Drive, Greenfields WA.
Easily accessible by Mandurah train station and then a bus straight to campus!

You may also be attending in the South West at Manea Senior College, or Bunbury Regional Trade Training Centre.

Step Three: Enrol!

After step one and two is complete, return to your email offer and click on the link to enrol.

Step 1:
Click on the link in your email. This will take you directly to your enrolment page. Enter in your First name, Last name, and email address (please use the one that you used for your application). This will tell you that you already have an application in progress and you will receive an email link to continue your enrolment. 

Step 2:
Open the email it sends you to resume your enrolment. This will allow you to enter in all the information required to complete your enrolment. 

Step 3:
You’ll receive an email when you have completed the enrolment confirming the details of your course. 

Step 4:
Don’t forget to return to this page to continue the rest of the steps.

Step Four: Order your Uniform

HSH Students are required to order a HSH polo top to wear to all classes. There are also jackets and hoodies that are optional to purchase.

Click here to visit the shop and put your order in. These will be available for pick up in January during orientation.

Step Five: Important Dates & Info

Start Date: The first week of class is week 1 of term 1. This means that if you are allocated a Thursday class, then your first day will be on the Thursday of week 1.

Orientation: A week before school starts, we will have an orientation at the site where you will be attending class. This will give you the opportunity to pick up your uniform, have a look around, and ask any questions. We will send out details for this before Christmas.

Murdoch Movies: Later this year you’ll receive a special HSH/Murdoch invite to come and join us for a movie, popcorn and prizes at the Murdoch Perth Campus. This will be invite only and will apply to all HSH students.

Excursions: If you are completing. a course that has excursions, it’s 150% important that you attend on this date as this is when our practical/observation assessments take place. If you are too sick to attend an excursion – you will be responsible for finding an alternate date to complete the activities in your own time as excursions are not repeatable.

Student Drop-in Days: Each month we offer an additional Saturday Student Drop-in Day. This is an opportunity to come into the city where you have access to our trainers and support staff to help you with assessments, practicals, or just a quiet place to get up to date.

End Date: We finish classes at the end of Term 3. There are no term 4 classes.

Step Six: Social Media

We love to show you what we are up to in and out of the classroom. Here are some links to get you started with joining the HSH community:

Health Science Hub Facebook page. Please like our page and let Mum and Dad know that they should like it too!

We have a private Facebook student group where internal information, offers, dates, and reminders are put. You’ll need to request access to this one as it’s only for students.

Instagram: See all of the photos that we post of our team.

Step Seven: HSH Student Contact
  1. Put our HSH Student mobile number into your phone. This is the number you can text or call when you’re going to be late, sick, or need to get in contact with us. Please also give this number to your parents if they need to contact us.
    0478 397 234
  2. Send a text message to this number with your full name. This way we will know it’s you when you send a message!
  3. If you need to email us, the address is student@healthsciencehub.com.au Make sure you save this in your email too.
  4. Make sure you save this email address as a ‘safe sender’ so that our emails wont go into your junk/spam folder. You’ll miss important information if you’re not getting these emails.
Step Eight: Completion

You have completed the enrolment process! Well done! We look forward to meeting you soon.

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