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Certificate IV in Preparation for Health and Nursing Studies


If you're interested in studying health science at university - then this is a great starting point for your career goals. As this course has been designed to give you a foundational knowledge of your first-year university subjects, you will be guided through science subjects like human biology, chemistry, and physics. You'll also be taught about diseases across the world, and use this knowledge to help identify human body imbalances through the use of case studies and scenarios. Finally, we add to your skill level by teaching you about communicating at the university level with skills such as referencing, improving study habits, and creating your university schedule.
A perfect entry pathway into health or nursing at university, our Cert IV program covers human biology, academic communication, microbiology and medication to help you glide into university with the basics already covered. Looking closely at how the body processes disease, illness, and injury, this program will provide students with a head start on various health and nursing degrees so that first-year university can be less stressful.

Using up to date technology, guest speakers, in-class experiments and engaging practices - this hands-on qualification will give you the skills and knowledge to understand and explain the human body, its functions, capabilities, and limitations. ​

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Units included:
BSBITU313 – Design and produce digital text documents   
PREASU403A – Apply academic skills
PREMHS402A – Provide information on the fundamental principles of microbiology used in health settings
BSBMED301 – Interpret and apply medical terminology appropriately​
PREAPU401A – Provide information on human anatomy and physiology​
PREPHC405A – Use fundamentals of physics and chemistry in a health context​
PREMHA404A ‐ Use mathematics in a nursing and health context

Summer Series
At the end of 2023, we will be running a summer series for this course. This is a fast track option and will be run 4 days a week for 10 weeks total. 
Week 1 will be run in the 2nd week of school holidays (October 4-7), and then week 2-10 will be run from 25 October to the 16 December. Tuesday-Friday. Applications are open now. 

​This course is used as a stepping stone to move onto more specific courses, either within the VET sector or University. A Completed Cert IV can be used as entry requirements into most universities including Murdoch, ECU, Curtin, and others across Australia. 

52831WA - Certificate IV in Preparation for Health & Nursing Studies is a pathway program. It isn't a requirement for any employment opportunities. We have designed this course to give you the best foundation for a career in any health or science industry. 

Here are some suggested University courses that you could aim for: 
  • Bachelor of Health Science
  • Bachelor of Medical Science
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Sports Science
  • Bachelor of Nursing*
  • Bachelor of Psychology
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Bachelor of Paramedicine
  • Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine

*Nursing is competitive - although you may meet entry requirements, there is no guarantee of acceptance. This is also the case for ATAR entry. 

You are able to use your completed Cert IV English competency to apply for any University course that requires a score of 70. There are a lot of options out there for you, so think outside the box! Always have a backup plan. Explore different career options! 

Don't forget about TAFE/VET Courses too! 
  • Cert IV in Allied Health
  • Cert IV in Mental Health
  • Diploma of Nursing
  • Diploma of Anaesthetic Technology
  • Diploma of Mental Health

Minimum Requirements
Students can choose to do this Cert IV qualification as a standalone, however, we see the benefit in completing a Cert III prior. We have linked up the ideal qualifications to enable students to have the best chance of success:

Cert III in Health Services Assistance PLUS Cert IV in Preparation for Health & Nursing Studies

Students will be provided content, videos, podcasts, activities, excursions, incursions as well as case studies and scenarios in our online environment, followed by time in the classroom to put their knowledge and skills into practice. We are a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) classroom, so you must have access to your own laptop/tablet to access the course. You must bring this with you to class each week. 

If you are in school:
Students wishing to study with us MUST HAVE achieved a C grade minimum in Science, Maths and English in year 10, and also have passed their NAPLAN/OLNA requirements. To start the process, you will need to get in contact with your school's VET Coordinator to request their support for you to complete this qualification. You will need to complete the Student Application Pack and get their signature on it and then forward it to us for approval. We run our programs on either a Thursday or Friday during school terms. If your school does not release students on these days - please get in contact to discuss your situation and hopefully we can help find a solution!
If you are not in school: 
You must satisfy minimum competencies that can be completed in the following ways:
  • Evidence of previous education within the last 3 years.
  • Previous certificate/qualification completion.
  • Completion of a Language, Literacy & Numeracy test.

  • This certificate on its own is $2400. 
  • If you enrol for a dual qualification (Cert III followed by a Cert IV) there is a $300 discount at the end of the second year ($4100 for both). 

How to apply:
  1. Complete the Student application Pack and gather all supporting documentation and signatures. 
  2. Come back to this webpage and click APPLY. 
  3. Complete the requested information and upload your supporting documentation. You'll need your recent school report showing grades, your OLNA, and your vaccination status. 
  4. You’ll receive a confirmation email that your application has been received. Please make sure you receive this as it may be an indication that you have input your email address incorrectly. Make sure you check spam/junk. 
  5. Letters of offer will be sent out in September with instructions on how to enrol into the course. 
Important note: If you are studying online, you will need to provide evidence of your ability to complete simple skills using measurements and tools used in health care. This can either be done via video or by trainer assessment.