Qualification Details

Certificate III in Animal Care Services (Animal Care)


Available online and in the classroom from 2023 

If you have a love of animals then this Animal Studies Program will help you move your career in a positive direction. In this program, we have combined general animal studies with the biology and understanding of scientific concepts to give you the foundational knowledge to move forward in a career that focuses on the care and management of our animals and environment. 
Being surrounded by pets and animals can enrich our lives each day. This qualification provides you with information on caring for mammals, birds, non-venomous reptiles, and freshwater fish. You’ll learn about health and hygiene and how to monitor animal wellbeing. With multiple excursions and incursions, you’ll be sure to gain the hands-on opportunities you need to put your new knowledge into practice.  

Available online and in the classroom from 2023 ​

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Units Included: 

ACMBEH301 Identify behaviours and interact safely with animals
ACMGEN303 Assess the welfare status of an animal
ACMGEN304 Promote positive wellbeing in self and others in animal care workplaces
ACMGEN309 Provide basic animal first aid
ACMGEN315 Communicate effectively with clients and team members
ACMINF301 Comply with infection control policies and procedures in animal care work
ACMWHS301 Contribute to workplace health and safety processes
ACMBEH302 Provide enrichment for animals
ACMGEN307 Maintain aquariums and/or aquascapes and aquatic animals
ACMGEN311 Maintain and monitor animal health and wellbeing
ACMGEN312 Provide nutritional requirements for animals
ACMSPE315 Provide general care of common native mammals
ACMSPE314 Provide general care of birds
ACMSPE318 Provide general care of fish
ACMSPE320 Provide general care of mammals
ACMSPE321 Provide general care of non-venomous reptiles
AHCFAU202 - Recognise fauna

Education Pathway and Job Opportunities
We love to link our Cert IIIs and Cert IVs into a pathway program to ensure that our students are moving in the right direction towards their future. Once you have completed the Cert III in Animal Studies, and you can show us that you have passed Year 10 English and Maths, you are able to move onto the Cert IV in Science (Biology) Animal & Marine Biology Focus. Completion of Cert IV will allow you to satisfy University Entry Requirements to most Universities. 

According to seek.com.au, the Cert III in Animal Care Services also opens up opportunities for you to gain work as an Animal Shelter Assistant or volunteer at wildlife parks. 

Minimum Requirements
Students are provided content, videos, podcasts, activities, excursions, incursions as well as case studies and scenarios in our online environment, followed by time in the classroom to put their knowledge and skills into practice. You must have your own device (tablet or laptop etc) to access your course.

If you are at school: 
It's preferable that students wishing to study with us need to have​ achieved a C grade minimum in English in year 10. Talk to us if you don't meet this requirement.​To start the process, you will need to get in contact with your school's VET Coordinator to request their support for you to complete this qualification. You will need to complete the Student Application Pack and get their signature on it and then forward it to us for approval. We run our programs on either a Thursday or Friday during school terms. If your school does not release students on these days - please get in contact to discuss your situation and hopefully we can help find a solution!
If you are not in school: 
You must satisfy minimum competencies that can be completed in the following ways:
  • Evidence of previous education within the last 3 years.
  • Previous certificate/qualification completion.
  • Completion of a Language, Literacy & Numeracy test.
  • This certificate on its own is $2000. 
  • If you enrol for a dual qualification (Cert III followed by a Cert IV) there is a $300 discount at the end of the second year ($4100 for both). 
How to apply:
  1. Complete the Student application Pack and gather all supporting documentation and signatures. 
  2. Come back to this webpage and click APPLY. 
  3. Complete the requested information and upload your supporting documentation. You'll need your recent school report showing grades, your OLNA, and your vaccination status. 
  4. You’ll receive a confirmation email that your application has been received. Please make sure you receive this as it may be an indication that you have input your email address incorrectly. Make sure you check spam/junk. 
  5. Letters of offer will be sent out in September with instructions on how to enrol into the course.