Our Team

A teacher who loves learning earns the right and
the ability to help others learn.


Natalie has spent the last 2 decades looking after training and assessment for different industries. ​With a love of health and science education, Natalie has dedicated herself to ensuring that others get the chance to find their future in this vibrant and rewarding industry. ​Currently studying a Bach of Science (Nursing) at ECU, Natalie is able to ensure that current content and practices are passed down to our students through our programs.

Lee has a keen interest and passion for all areas of science and spends most of his time reading and researching current trends and advances in this industry.  With a background in health science and currently studying a Bach of Medical Science at ECU, Lee is able to easily explain difficult concepts to our students and works with them to help them find clarity in complex areas.

Operations Managers

Kerri-Anne is the key contact when it comes to all things students and helping
HSH be the best it can be.

Ty is responsible for all compliance, daily operations of our delivery sites, and helping to solve any problems that pop up.

Student Operations Admin

Hannah and Skye are the go-to people to handle all of your wins and losses throughout your course. They are available to all students to help fix problems, have a chat, or find the answers to your questions! Being the face of HSH to the students – these guys will be key to your success at HSH.

Trainers & Support Staff

We have an exceptional team of experienced staff to help our students get the most out of their studies with us.

Our trainers all have university degrees in fields such as Nursing, Paramedicine, Forensics, Science, Biology and more. Some of them are even studying their Masters!

Each of them has a wealth of knowledge that they are keen to pass down to our students.

Support Staff

Each year we also recruit our top achievers from our previous year to help our new students succeed! These guys are going to be available to help our students get the most out of the course.

Soon we will be adding to our Student Support team with our 2022 graduates to help next year’s students be successful!